Mary Kate Solymossy

Joan Sutton

Megan Costello

Michael Anderson

Wade Harvey

Freida Pantos


Christopher Smith

DeVroomen Products

Karla Marino

Linda Taylor

Sandy Chhun-Genc

Sergio Martinez

Steve Neumann

David Meyers

Ricardo Ramirez

Natalie Billig

Jennifer Balanoff

Donna Hisson

Maureen Powers

Christopher Gent

Doris Strom

Holiday party potluck at Julia Bunns

It’s All About the Soil w/ Lynn Bement, Compost Queen

Toured the 606, Bloomingdale Trail in Chicago with Chris Gent, past pres of ISLA and Jean Linsner of

New products at Chalet with Jennifer Brennan

City Gardens with Kathy Simpson, Suzanne Frank and Rinda West

Rick Darke, The Living Landscape

Best Practices in Landscape Business Management with Anne Roberts, Diane Smith, Wanda Evangelista, a

Holiday Party at Pam Duthie’s

Renovating Existing Landscapes: Paul fr Doug Hoerr

Growing Fruits for the Midwest. Alan Crosnow

Tour of Intrinsic Perennials. Brent Horvath tour guide

Garden Walk in Evanston and Rogers Park: Karen Koerth, Pat Bernard, Labyrinth at St Scholastica, Chr

Municipal Regulations: Panel Presentation and disc. Phyllis Cheskin, Heath Frey (Hirsch), Nancy Hann

Design Off. Marilyn Musgjerd and Mary Jane Klein, Nancy Hannick, Julia Bunn, Brandon Roos, Laurie Ta

Gorgeous Low Maintenance Garden Design. Presented by Roy Diblik

Holiday Party at Pam Duthie’s

Butterfly Program at Peggy Notebaert Museum. Doug Taron, Curator

Soil-less urban garden by Kelly Fitzsimmons, Cathy Litrofsky, Craig Harthan and Chris Carey

Garden Walk in Des Plaines and Arl Hts. Dinner and Monarch Lecture and Demo by Sue Fox McGovern at L

Mid-Century Modern Residential Landscape Design, Form-Function and Drainage. Lecture by Greg Piercea

Organic Vegetables from Your Own Back Yard. Lecure by Jeanne Nolan

LDA Holiday Party at the home of Pam Duthie

Program: Living Walls by Brian Mitalo of Tournesol Siteworks and Chad Osborn of Sage Vertical Garden

Business Plans for Landscape Designers. Lecture by Rosalind Reed

Tour of the beautiful gardens surrounding Craig Bergmann’s home and business at the Armour weekend h

City of Chicago Garden Walk and BBQ following at Chicago Specialty Gardens roof top garden

Native Plants by Trish Beckjord & Jack Pizzo at the Morton Arboretum

Water Management:  Sensible Solutions for Landscape Designers, Evelyn Pease Tyner Center, Glenview

LDA Holiday Party at the home of Pam Duthie

Program:  SketchUp: A Versatile Tool for Landscape Designers by Sean Kelley at the Center For Green

Finding Inspiration Tour, Anderson Japanese Garden and J. Carlson Growers

Evanston / Wilmette Garden Walk and BBQ at home of Marilyn Musgjerd

New Flowering Shrub Selections and “Native Plants for the Residential Garden”

Design-Off - Winnetka property. Suzanne Covingtry and Linda Farrington (Bertog), Ryan Delia, Jackie

From Design to Installation: The Contractor’s View with Melissa Conroy, Ryan Heitman, & Daniel Wood

LDA Holiday Party at the home of Pam Duthie

Claudia Parish

Jennifer Brennan

Alex Head

Amy Fiore

Lisa Fiore

Amy Dale

Rebecca Bladen

Aurelia Nichols


Pamela Karlson

Leslie Hoadley

Lisa Peterson

Donna Diamond

Carol Madsen

Gina Liopoulos

Anne Roberts Gardens

Alyssa Loiacno

Donna Diamond

Temple Gardens

Ann McIntee

Michael Dues

Amy Malter

Jennifer Durot

Joseph Rossa

Phyllis Lea

Wanda Evangelista



Barbara Foster

Kristen Reinhardt

Alice O’Laughlin

Agnes Pradel Stafford

Darren Leonardi

Cindy Tyley

Michele Kruegel

Eva Hyndman

Jennifer Umlauf

Annual Meeting/Program



Field Trip

Youth Build Lake County Program