Every Green Plant

295 Kimberly Road, Barrington

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Every Green Plant provides customized, on-site advice and services to beginners through semi-pro gardeners to deliver: residential and small business garden design, rejuvenation and maintenance, container gardens and educational workshops for small groups on a variety of gardening topics. We specialize in decorative raised bed vegetable gardens (design/build/install) and partnering with homeowners who want to be involved with achieving their gardening goals.

  • Specialties:
  • Design, Freelance/Consultation, Design, Build And Maintain, Lecturer, Seminars, Workshops
295 Kimberly Road, Barrington
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Our members are from diverse types of businesses in the landscape world. Our base membership is comprised of landscape designers and architects, many of whom are also contractors. We also have other members who offer services to designers and architects: irrigation, carpentry, lighting, nurseries . . . Collaboration among our members is common. We develop relationships with other members and suppliers during planned networking at our programs. Having face-to-face time with suppliers and other specialists produces better relationships and more reliable work.

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