The Art and Science of Landscape Design

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Sara Furlan, the Design Director and a Registered Landscape Architect of Mariani Landscape, came to LDA to showcase new business options opening up for designers by highlighting them against the backdrop of Mariani's history. A 30-year veteran of the company, she drew a vision of where the industry is going by rooting those developments in the groundwork of the past.
“The Art & Science of Site Water Management” could be the sub-title of this presentation to LDA for our Winter Workshop several years ago. 
The bistro-light effect isn’t movie magic or special effects, but merely round, bare bulbs threaded across open space to throw a soft ambiance onto the scene.
Who to look for? Review “Defining Landscape Professionals” to appreciate the range of individuals and expertise involved in this field. Who you need to work with will depend upon what kind of project you have in mind. If you are looking to fill in a few spots in the garden or plant some containers a visit to a local garden center may suffice. Designing and installing a flourishing landscape, however, often requires a knowledge of design, installation techniques and materials that is beyond the scope of the average homeowner.
There are a number of general categories of landscape professionals in the industry and understanding the differences between them will determine which professional is most appropriate for your project. Before hiring any landscape professional, it is best to review work that they have already performed for past clients and their portfolio.
This PowerPoint outline was the basis of an extremely informative and useful 2012 LDA panel discussion. Ryan’s award-winning company is a respected leader in skilled, professional sub-contracting for landscape designers and architects.
LDA member Kathy Simpson recommends checking out Deborah Silver's blog, Dirt Simple. Deborah Silver is a landscape designer in the Detroit area who also runs a retail store (called Detroit Garden Works) devoted to fine and unusual garden ornament and specialty plants. Many of her blog entries feature her innovative container designs, including detailed information on how they are constructed.
Educational Resources you may find helpful; you'll find industry organizations, magazines, newsletters, environmental, plant material information, design software.

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Our members are from diverse types of businesses in the landscape world. Our base membership is comprised of landscape designers and architects, many of whom are also contractors. We also have other members who offer services to designers and architects: irrigation, carpentry, lighting, nurseries . . . Collaboration among our members is common. We develop relationships with other members and suppliers during planned networking at our programs. Having face-to-face time with suppliers and other specialists produces better relationships and more reliable work.